ITU Secretary-General Speeches 2006
Yoshio Utsumi

Speeches by
Yoshio Utsumi
ITU Secretary-General


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ITU TELECOM World 2006: Opening Remarks  Hong Kong, China   2006-12-04 
ITU Plenipotentiary Conference 2006: Closing Remarks  Antalya, Turkey   2006-11-24 
ITU Plenipotentiary Conference 2006: Opening Remarks  Antalya, Turkey   2006-11-06 
First Meeting of the Internet Governance Forum  Athens, Greece   2006-10-30 
CEPT/EU Conference 'Regulations under challenge' - Regulatory challenges for Spectrum Management  Berlin, Germany   2006-10-11 
50th Anniversary of CCITT - ITU Standards as as pillar for progress in building the Information Society  Geneva, Switzerland   2006-07-20 
African Telecommunications Union (ATU) - Conference of Plenipotentiaries 2006 - Opening Ceremony  Tripoli, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya   2006-07-16 
RRC06 - Regional Radiocommunication Conference - Closing Ceremony  Geneva, Switzerland   2006-06-16 
WISD - World Information Society Day - ITU/WISD Award Ceremony  Geneva, Switzerland   2006-05-17 
WTD06 - World Telecommunication Day 2006  Geneva, Switzerland   2006-05-17 
CSTD - 9th Session of the Commission on Science and Technology for Development - Opening Remarks  Geneva, Switzerland   2006-05-15 
RRC06 - Regional Radiocommunication Conference - Opening Address  Geneva, Switzerland   2006-05-15 
C06 - ITU Council 2006 - Opening Remarks  Geneva, Switzerland   2006-04-19 
CtW - "Connecting the Unconnected by 2015: Getting the Job Done" - Opening Remarks  Doha, Qatar   2006-03-08 
WTDC06 - World Telecommunication Development Conference, Opening Remarks  Doha, Qatar   2006-03-07 
Action Line Moderators/Facilitators Meeting  Geneva, Switzerland   2006-02-24 
ITU-T Workshop on Networked RFID - Systems and Services: Opening Remarks  Geneva, Switzerland   2006-02-14 


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